Please note: wild game processing is "call ahead" at this time.

There will be a $20.00 cleaning fee for any deer brought in already dressed but not clean. If clean, this does not apply.

$150.00 Processing

For any deer, regardless of size.

$75.00 Cape Down To Neck

$100.00 Cape Out Whole Head

Other Available Options

Summer Sausage & Deer Sticks

Deer Sticks


Deer Summer Sausage


$100.00 Deposit Required

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Deer Donations accepted here.

Wild Game Processing

Wild game processing—done the right way—isn’t easy to find no matter where you’re located. Attica Locker is a wild game butcher in is Attica, KS you can trust to handle your game with precision and skill, to ensure prime cuts and the most meat possible. We welcome deer and other mammals, with experience handling most common game.

All you do is bring in your kill and we can process it into the most delicious cuts according to your preferences. We’re dedicated to timely processing and promise to bring out the perfect texture and taste of your meats with proper cutting techniques.

Deer Cutting

We can transform your game meat into products the whole family will love, including summer sausage and savory, delicious deer sticks. We have the experience and a great reputation for processing wild game, ensuring cuts are exactly as they should be and always finishing meats within a reasonable time frame.

We make sure you get the correct amount of meat for the animal you dropped off—exactly. Our standard deer cutting options include:

  • Cape down to neck
  • Cape out whole head
  • Summer sausage
  • Deer sticks
  • Deer summer sausage

Custom Deer Processing

Our butchers are highly skilled at wild game processing, offering Attica, KS’s best custom cuts. Any way you prefer to cut your deer, we can provide. Call ahead and discuss our wild game processing options with our butchers. We’ll provide expert guidance and assistance as well as information about our approach.

Inquire Today About Wild Game Processing

Attica Locker is the premier processor in the state of Kansas, processing wild game professionally. When hunting season rolls around, we’re proud to be your partner, processing your meat efficiently so you get the most from your kills. Discuss your preferences with our experienced butchers today by calling us at 620-254-7919. Please call ahead to discuss larger custom processing orders.

We have seasonings available!

We proudly sell Duck Salt and Excalibur Seasonings.