Hog Processing

Whole Hog

Half Hog

Kill and Chill

$69/lb. extras

$.75/lb. Curing

Hog Processing

Looking for a local team that’s highly-skilled at butchering a pig? Attica Locker is your resource for custom hog processing. We take great care to ensure exceptional quality and can make cuts based on your preferences. Whether you’re looking to have an entire hog processed or just want the choicest fresh cuts, our butchers bring them to you at affordable prices.

We offer the finest-quality pork products so you can always feel confident that you’re bringing the very best protein to the dinner table. From sausage to ham steaks, bacon to ribs, we’ll make sure you leave with exactly what you came for. From cutting and trimming to packaging, our standard processing services include:

  • Whole hog
  • Half hog
  • Kill and chill
  • Curing: hams and bacons
  • Extras: seasoning, pork patties, pork cutlets, rope sausage

Custom Pig Processing

We’re the first choice for hog processing in Attica, KS because we’re able to accommodate custom cuts with proven processing methods. We make it easy for you to customize cut thicknesses, roast sizes and package sizes. We can keep your cut information on file, always remembering if you have a special way you like your cuts. Choose from the following popular options:

  • Belly: Bacon, fresh belly
  • Head: Jowls
  • Hock
  • Leg: Ham
  • Loin: Pork chops, loin roast, back ribs
  • Rib: Spare ribs
  • Shoulder: Shoulder roast
  • Organs: Lard, liver, head
  • Trim: Ground pork, sausage

Inquire Today About Hog Processing

When you process your hog with Attica Locker, we ensure that there’s only one ingredient: pure, fresh pork! From large roasts to fresh-made sausage, we strive to give you food that’s processed right so it tastes great. We can accommodate any custom order, just give us a call at 620-254-7919. Please call ahead to discuss larger custom processing orders.

Lamb Processing

$.69/lb. Processing

$60.00 Butcher Fee

$10.00 Disposal Fee

Lamb Processing

Attica Locker provides custom cut lamb as part of our meat processing services in Attica, KS. From our local farmers to your table, we provide lamb cuts that you won’t find in big-box grocery stores. Our tender cuts are prepared specifically for you to bring out the robust, pastoral flavor of this special meat. When you need the expert lamb cutting services that only a premier butcher can provide, we’re your first choice. We process lamb by the pound with very reasonable butcher and disposal fees. Our skilled butchers can cut your lamb into several delicious sections, providing custom lamb cuts including:
  • Leg of lamb: This cut is produced from the large, lean and tender hind legs.
  • Loin chops: This prized cut is thick and meaty with super-tender melt-in-your-mouth meat.
  • Rib chops: Cut from the rack of lamb, this meat is incredibly tender. In most cases, the chops are French trimmed for an elegant presentation.
  • Shoulder roasts: Cut from the upper part of the front leg, this lamb has more fat and should be slow roasted to render it out.
  • Ground lamb: Whether you’re making lamb burgers or a delicious shepherd’s pie, the best ground lamb is found only at the butcher’s shop.
  • Stew meat: Stew meat should come from the shoulder, neck, shank or breast for the best flavor. These cuts are suitable for long, slow cooking.
  • Lamb shanks: The ultimate expression of lamb’s delicious, gamey flavor, lamb shanks have lower fat than other cuts with the bone running through the center.
  • Rack of ribs: This cut of lamb usually includes 16 ribs or chops. It’s very tender and flavorful and must be delicately roasted to keep it tender and juicy.

Inquire Today About Lamb Processing

Processing a lamb is a fine art, and at Attica Locker, we do it right. Learn more about our custom cuts today by calling us at 620-254-7919. Please call ahead to discuss larger custom processing orders.

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