Custom Butchering

Our custom cuts and meat processing services are the best in town!

We now shrink wrap all processed meat.

If you prefer our paper wrap method, it is available upon request.

About Our Company

Attica Locker, LLC has been a leading butcher and meat processor for many years. The combined experience of our employees gives us the skills to put us ahead of the competition. We make sure that you always get your own meat back, and understand the importance of following specific cut instructions. From beef and hog, to lamb and wild game, you can trust our professionals to give you your cut exactly the way you want it.

Attica Locker

Attica Locker is your neighborhood butcher in Attica, KS, processing beef, pork, lamb and wild game so you can always get the cuts you prefer at a great price. Our meats are delicious, budget-friendly and always fresh. We’re here to explain the details of custom cuts to our customers, allowing you to explore the amazing variety of textures and flavors that come from expertly processed meats. Call today to discuss custom processing or stop by and chat with us.

Your First Choice for Custom Butchering and Meat Processing

Since 1970, Attica Locker has served as your reliable meat processing plant in Attica, KS. Rather than settling for rough cuts at big-box stores, customers come to us because they know they’ll always receive quality meats, cut to their exact specifications. Whether you’re picking up steaks for a special occasion or need an entire hog processed, our talent with a knife is unmatched and our commitment to your satisfaction is unparalleled.

The combined experience of our butchers allows us to accommodate virtually any custom cuts for beef, pork, lamb and even wild game. We always make sure you get your own meat back—nothing is ever thrown together or processed together. We also take our time with custom cuts, ensuring your expectations are exceeded with every order. In addition to custom cuts, we also provide standard cutting services for cows, hogs, lambs and wild game. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, our staff can answer any and all questions.

From beef and hog to lamb and wild game, we’re here to help you make the most of these animals and give you your cut exactly the way you want it. We also carefully package your order so it’s safe for you to take back home, to your restaurant or anywhere else. It’s a tradition we’ve upheld for over five decades, and it’s why we’re the preferred choice for meat processing in Attica, KS. Call us today and experience a better standard of butchering.

  • Our butcher days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • We’re proud members of the Kansas Meat Processing Association (KMPA).
  • We’re registered with the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP).
  • We shrink wrap all processed meat, but offer other packaging options upon request.
  • We proudly sell Duck Salt and Excalibur Seasonings.

Meat Processing in Attica, KS

Attica Locker is dedicated to providing the best quality meats and custom cuts to satisfy your need for healthy, fresh and delicious protein. No custom order is too challenging for us to handle. Inquire today for more information!

We have seasonings available!

We proudly sell Duck Salt, Excalibur Seasonings, and now offering PS Seasoings!

Why Our Customers Love Us

James S.

Thoroughly stoked about my half beef picked up today! Staff is friendly, professional and helpful.

Judy Z.

The staff was so helpful and friendly. We had our first steaks tonight and were amazed at how good they were! Awesome job, guys!

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